Flash Jacket - Reflective

Flash Jacket - Reflective


Our Flash Jacket crafted in Schoeller reflex® fabric uses a special reflective thread combined with a complex weave which provides extensive protection in poor visibility conditions. When light shines onto this fabric millions of tiny glass beads reflect the light back (retro reflection). The technology offers visibility at more than 300 feet in the dark or at twilight.

It's easy to be seen in the dark when you're out running and walking your dog at night. Super bright, reflective like you’ve never seen.

- a drawstring hood, 3 large pockets around the waist and a hardy real copper zipper opening hidden behind haute-couture contrast binding.

- side seam venting zippers ensure you'll always keep your cool

- real copper zippers

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Fabric: Schoeller Reflex®

✂️  Made in NYC / USA

💨 wind repellent 💥 temperature regulating 🕶 UV block 👣 low carbon footprint 

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