Our F.Words


FIT is our core competence.  

Our Founder, Kendel, has two decades prior experience creating custom tailored garments for celebrities and royalty throughout the globe.  This has garnered her peerless ability in executing unmatched FIT.  

As a result, F.Words garments are comfortable, allowing generous freedom of movement for all humans, all shapes and sizes.

FASHION is our passion.

With a constant eye for what's next in fashion and culture, F.Words inspires confidence through design.

Inspired by shape and proportion, F.Words employs abstract and geometric accents through proprietary stitches resulting in sculptural silhouettes.  Fetching, luxurious and scientific materials, with exuberant texture act as a structural departure. 

In a world heavy with conflict, F.Words nods to serenity with a fresh approach.


FUNCTION is indespensible.

We believe form does not follow function.  

At F.Words they exist only together.  

High design + usefulness = F.Words philosophy of functionality.

FLEXIBILITY is versatility.

We focused on designs which can be worn often and in many situations. 

Our clients riding the NYC subway need the same features as our climber in the Himalayas, and we've packed our garments with features to give this to you. 

  Our seasonless product is constructed to handle the rigor of demanding adventure, and suitable for all day wear

Live In - Work In - Party In - Hike In - Ski In - Namaste In - Sleep In - 'You Can Do Everything In' F.Words