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A life well lived, begins on the slopes.  Join our snow bunny squad and start with our F.W Kits




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We LOVE these items together, and thought you would too!  


Unabashed luxury in our omG kit

Saturday Afternoon Kit

When you can't adult, reach for our Saturday Afternoon Kit


Who Runs The World Kit

Your persuasion can build a nation.  



Founders Notes:

"I could give up shopping.  But I'm not a quitter."  

New Rules.  New Luxury.


I founded F.Words in 2016 after 15 years in the fashion industry. 

I'm infatuated with couture and an active lifestyle in the outdoors and have a passionate point of view to confront conventional wisdom of the established retail industry.  

All you have to do is pick up the paper and read about retailers who are failing and even direct to consumer and e-commerce retailers who are not able to persevere because of INVENTORY issues. 

I'm redefining luxury and bringing you VALUE by doing things differently.  

Welcome to F.Words ground breaking and efficient BESPOKE MODEL.  Welcome to the future.

xx Kendel 

F.Words Founder



New Rules of Luxury

# 1

Better Craftsmanship.

Made to Measure.


Forget apparel which is priced at 6x what it costs to make.  We created a bespoke made to measure production model to eliminate traditional mark ups found with our competitors which are a prerequisite when you are making multiples of garments to fill traditional inventory needs.  We cut that cost out, we lowered our margins, and we are giving you the absolute best price with made to measure apparel.  Because you are our top priority.  We're also saving the earth from filling landfills with excess inventory which doesn't sell! 




Luxury Service


There is a saying widely spoken in the ski world "Earn Your Turns" because skiing is a privilege not a right.  Just the same, we believe service isn't reserved for a select few, but is an act of gratitude when a client chooses to shop with us.  You earned it baby, the best in luxury service with F.Words.

Which is why we created the live touch sales model.  We don't believe in charging mark ups for excess inventory just to hang with the cool crowd in their stores with sales people who don't know our product or you.  

You've been asked to shop with the masses for far too long, buying apparel which needs to be altered after purchase in an environment which isn't custom tailored to your ethos.  Those days are over!  We're coming to you, one on one, to chat only about what gives you the goosebumps.  

Let's get to know each other, let's create your best shopping experience.  

Am I right, are you with me?  Contact me today for a first-of-its-kind complimentary appointment.