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Founders Notes:

"I could give up shopping.  But I'm not a quitter."  

Defining a new way

Hi, I'm Kendel.  I founded F.Words in 2016 after 15 years in the fashion industry. 

I'm infatuated with couture and an active lifestyle in the outdoors and have a passionate point of view to confront conventional wisdom of the established retail industry.  

But I don't do this on my own.  It takes a team to make the dream work.  I met my partner Bob at what could have been an ordinary business meeting. Instantly we had energy and an authentic connection.  With decades of retail and fashion experience between us (more than any of us would like to admit), I'd like to think that fate brought us together. 

A year later we joined forces to build a brand and business that makes better active apparel in a better way.

Different generations, different skill sets; we are restless, curious and by no means perfect. We share a dedication to asking “why” and “what if”, A LOT. We constantly ask if there is a better way, that’s with product and service. We don’t always agree, and yet we respect each other immensely. Obviously, we like each other a great deal. 

We're redefining luxury and bringing you VALUE by doing things differently.  

Welcome to F.Words ground breaking and efficient BESPOKE MODEL.  Welcome to the future.

xx Kendel

F.Words Founder


New Rules of Luxury

# 1


Better Craftsmanship.

Made to Measure.


We’re inspired by new companies that are transforming outdated models of business. We’re also inspired by classic companies that still focus on timeless craftsmanship.

We design, source and manufacture everything we sell. We removed all retail costs while controlling the channels it takes to produce luxury athletic apparel. This allows us to use better quality materials that are crafted to last a lifetime, at a fraction of the traditional costs you would see at a traditional apparel store. We sell directly to you at a fair price.

By producing our collection BESPOKE we're able to offer a better product with personalization.  Read more about our Bespoke Process here




Luxury Service


Our fascination is that moment when a client slips on the F.Words ensemble of their dreams. We are driven by bringing this magic to clients across the country by sharing the F.Words fantasy in person, through our in-home Trunk Shows.

Our trunk shows are facilitated by F.Words Curators and are personalized, contemporary, and supportive gatherings designed to bring fun to our clients while finding that perfect ‘get after it’ outfit.

We believe that our clients deserve a space with personalization and a shopping experience which is intimate. 

And we apply the same standard to customer experience as we do craftsmanship.

In a world where new adventure awaits, we want to support your every move.

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